Sunday Refresh Classes & Electives

During the months of January & February 2019 (now extended into March), we will have a temporary Sunday schedule change. Instead of our regular 9:30 AM Sunday School hour, we will have Coffee & Fellowship in the Auditorium at 10:00 AM and classes for children and electives for adults will instead be offered as part of our 5:00 PM Evening Worship Service. We hope this will be a refreshing & exciting change during the winter months!

Evening Class Descriptions

Ages 3-6: Lil' Sprouts Class

Instructor: Sheri Hawkins Children will learn familiar Bible stories and how the teaching applies to their lives. It will be a fun and instructional time. (This class will open when the nurseries open 15 minutes before the service - all other classes will be dismissed from the Worship Service).

1st-6th Grade Class: Missionary Adventures

Instructors: Sommer Parish & Barbie Burris Children will be inspired and encouraged by the lives of missionaries. They will learn of missionaries' calling, challenges, sacrifices, and commitment to the Lord. We are praying that the Lord will use this to impact the lives of our young people for the Lord.

7th-12th Grade Class: Walking Through Fire

Instructor: Herm Fiore A study from 1 Peter by John Goetsch on the trial of your faith. Every Christian faces seasons of fiery trials and is assaulted with Satan's fiery darts. In the midst of the heat, it seems that the flames will destroy us - that they will consume our faith and leave us burned and charred.

The epistle of 1 Peter is a word of hope for Christians walking through the fire. Through these pages, inspired by God through the ministy of an aposle who was familiar with the fires of temptation and persecution, we learn that God actually uses the fires to refine our faith and strengthen our witness.

Adults: Stewarding Your Life

Instructor: Mark Neale A comprehensive study by Clarence Sexton recognizing that God is the owner of all and that we are stewards of what He has entrusted to us. Our God is loving, personal, and close to His children. As we learn to acknowledge God in everything, as we learn to respond to God, His will for our lives becomes clearer.

Adult Ladies: The Choice Is Yours

Instructor: Kay Hawkins We live in a culture that caters to our choices. We like our options, and we enjoy the opportunity to choose our preferences. Popular psychology and human reasoning tell us to make choices based on what feels good. They encourage us, "just follow your heart." God has given us a much better guide, however, in His Word. Unlike our fickle and untrustworthy opinions, God's Word never changes. Its dependability has been proven through the centuries.

In this series by Terrie Chappell, explore choices that can strengthen or weaken your walk with God. Topics include: Authenticity, Identity in Christ, Joy, Strength in trials, and Victorious, Spirit-filled living.